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Canyoneering Cians.

The Raton Canyon

The Raton Canyon is dug into a red rock who create a great univers for one day. This canyon takes 7 hours.

For this one, the meeting is at the sunrising, it is very important to begin this activity one hour after the sunrising. There are many abseils. However, it doesn’t propose jumps into natural swimming pool. It is not deep. Our prices begins at 90euros/person.

6 people maximum for each instructor.

The Challandres Canyon

Into the Cians Gorge, at one hour from Nice, the Challandres Canyon will be perfect for abseils lovers and photography.

It takes 4 hours and our prices begins at 60euros/person.

At the menu: many abseils heighten 20 meters roughly. As the Raton Canyon, there is not jumps.

8 people maximum for each instructor.

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Organisation of the day

Contact us for booking. Out team will propose you a personnal meeting and service with one of our instructor, in English speaking, of course! Our price included the instructor and the specific material.

We just need to bring your swimming suit and sport shoes, bag, water and food.

Contact: contact form or

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