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Rates Canyoning Nice

Informations about canyoning
Name Time Minimum age Level Price/person
Bollène 4h 12 Average 70euros
Riolan 5h 14 ans Average 70euros
St Auban 2h30 14 ans Average 49euros
Aiglun 4h 14 Average 70euros
Raton 7h 16 Difficult 90euros
Maglia 4h 12 Average 70 euros
Barbaira 3h30 14 Average 80 euros
Peira 4h à 5h 16 Difficult 80euros
Challandres 4h 14 Average 60 euros
Morghé 4h 14 Average 65 euros
canyoning Nice

Canyoning Nice rates.

You will provide you equipment (helmets, harness, rope, wet suit, sockets). The instructor will have his own equipment.

Contact us in order to book. To book, we ask you to pay 15% of the whole price. You will pay the 85% the canyon day. Take money or check to pay because the guide will not have the credit card machine in the canyon.

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